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Flexitank is a convenient and economical means for transportation of bulk and liquid not dangerous loads. It represents a flexible waterproof cistern from strong light material and depending on its type, it can contain from 2 to 24 000 Lt of liquid load and from 400 to 37 500 kg of bulk one.

Out company is engaged in different types of cargo transportation with the help of flexitanks. The list of our services include:

  • Logistics and multimodal transportation

    We'll help to calculate an ideal route and means of transportation for your load, if necessary load will be delivered by several means of transport. Also we'll help to choose an optimum size and type of flexitank. It helps you to economize up to 25% of occupied place by load, minimize costs for loading/unloading operations and reduce the cost.
  • Checking and preparing of containers

    Before installation we'll test a container, box or freezer for integrity and absence of sticking out sharp elements to avoid a break of flexitank. Then it's necessary to cover a place with crinkled paper to reduce a friction between bag and container walls. If they are too damaged, we replace cardboard by orgalite or cellular polyethylene. Some loads need an installation of heating substrate.
  • Assembling of flexitanks

    Flexitank is unpacked before stowage that guarantees it's integrity. Then it's spread out at the bottom and fastened with strings. This installation needs only two men and 5 minutes for work.
  • Loading and unloading of containers

    After installation of flexitank in container, pump is connected to it, with the help of which a flexible cistern is filling with load. Unloading occurs in the same way. At the same time load losses are minimal (less than 0,5%).
  • Emergency reloading

    In case of accidental damage of flexitank or container our specialists will make an emergency reloading as soon as possible.
  • Insurance of loads and customs clearing

    All flexitanks are insured in world insurance, but its usage is permitted only once. Insurance isn't valid when it's used again. Also our workers will help you with customs clearing according to all rules.
  • Utilization of flexitanks

    After usage you shouldn't worry about utilization of flexitank, we'll take care of it ourselves. Utilization causes no pollutions to environment.

Possibility of installation a soft container almost in every means of transport, economy of place and load during loading/unloading operations, optimal filling and strength of flexitanks allow them to be a main constitution of cisterns and other capacities for transportation of bulk and liquid loads.

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