Flexitank is a perfect decision for transportation of loads by sea


Load delivery system provides for functioning of all world economy. But it's not always advisable to transfer a load with motor- or railway transport, sometimes it's cheaper to use a sea transport or when there is no other way to deliver a load to necessary point of destination.

Planning sea transportation, it's important to think over what package (capacity) will be necessary. If load is packaged by manufacturer in boxes, then it can be transported by usual sea container. But what about transportation of bulk matters, especially if it's foodstuffs? There usual container can't be used and it's necessary a special container that will provide all necessary requirements:

  • full guarantee of load safety;
  • no need in additional reloading to reduce the time of delivery;
  • considerable capacity;
  • maximum use of available area;
  • simplicity in exploitation;
  • speed of assembling;
  • relative weightlessness of container;
  • availability of necessary certificates.

Flexitank is increasingly popular for recent time as transportation of goods for long distances in the most convenient, quick and cheap way is a purpose of every provider. Usage of barrels essentially reduces a useful volume and load will take more place. What about bags, they increase the time of delivery from seller to consumer as it takes additional time for its filling and reloading.

Thus, use of flexitanks is a perfect decision. They provide all necessary requirements, can be used both for food and non-food products, they are light in weight, reliable and simple in exploitation.

For example, Liner Bag is made of polymer, that repeats the form of container for transportation. It's also called Dry Bulk Liner or Dry Bulk Container Liner and produced for use in containers with length of 6or 12 meters. It's necessary only two men to fill this flexitank and all process of filling and assembling takes about 15 minutes.

Flexitank can be filled in several ways, but there is no doubt, that gravitational one is the most convenient and doesn't require much forces and energy. Except for filling Liner Bag by gravity flow, there also can be used air conveyor or vacuum line.




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