Usage of flexitank or how to increase advantages of sea transportation


Rapid growth of industrial production, development of science and appearance of technical innovations amend all the fields, and logistics is not an exception. Modern methods of loading and unloading with the help of new specialized technique are introduced and day by day a tare for transportation of loads is improved, it becomes more reliable and safe. Flexitank is a prominent representative of the latest generation of capacities for transportation.

Also means of transportation are developed and changed. Appearance of air transport conducted a revolution in logistics. This is a high-speed means and what could be supposedly better? But nevertheless, transportation by sea is still very popular direction of global logistics.

Transportation by sea is used in different cases:

  • load is large size and can not be transported by motor or railway transport;
  • load is delivered from one continent to another;
  • price of delivery should be as low as possible and time, during of which it would be carried out, is not a main thing;
  • if there is no an alternative way.

So in this way sea transportation is in great demand in spite of low speed of delivery and a high dependence on weather conditions. What about tare in which one can transfer goods by sea, so effectiveness of use of flexitanks is proved by time and experience. All models flex are insured for one-time usage in global insurance company, so it ca be used as a guarantee.

To advantages can be referred:

  • containment of load package;
  • low costs for assembling;
  • the most complete use of useful area of sea container (15% more than during transportation from IBC, 40% more than in barrels and 50% more than in bottles);
  • economy of financial resources and time-saving because of lack of necessity in clearance and return of tare.

Flexitank is a guarantee of high quality and safe transportation of liquid and bulk loads. Ordering sea transportation with a use of flex, one can solve a lot of problems in time. Thus, you get relatively not expensive, but reliable way of transportation of loads over long distances without necessity in additional costs for reloading and return of tare.




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