Flexitanks is a covenient transportation of liquid loads


Do you need to transport a liquid production and look for a suitable container for it? Do you buy juices, wine, vegetable or machine oil, additives or other liquids, that aren't dangerous and you need to deliver it to your storehouse as quickly, convenient and cheap as possible? Then transportation of loads in flexitanks will be perfect for you! Now transportation of liquids and oils became more available because of new technologies, that were certificated in EU countries.

What is flexitank?

Flexitank represents a bag made special for transportation of liquid loads. It consist of several layers, it's completely waterproof – air can't get to it and nothing can pour out it – and it's convenient to use for transportation of liquid loads on sea traffic connections or with trucks. This technology was worked out in Europe and had got a wide application. In Russia its popularity grows year by year.

Advantages of flexitanks

When it comes to solid loads, then undoubtedly usual transportation is perfect, but combustible and explosive matters, chemicals, acids should be transported in special cisterns. But if you need to transport juices or its concentrates, wines, vegetable oils, food additions, syrups, technical oils, additives, then it's better to use flexitanks. This type of capacity is much better in quality than usual containers:

  • Convenient deliver of load: liquid is filled with pumps and valve is closed, that makes bag waterproof.
  • Capaciousness: in flexitank can be filled up to 25 Lt of load, that's why one can transfer a load at one time, that economizes the costs for road.
  • Quick utilization.
  • Convenient transportation by sea or by car.
  • Essential economy. You spend less money in three times: when you buy a flexitank that costs much cheaper than cisterns or containers; during transportation as you can transfer all goods at one time; and when you store a load as flexitank is also intended for storage of products.

Flexitanks are equipments that pass a strict quality checks and provide all requirements of European standards. Transportation of loads in this capacity is not only convenient, but also quick and cheap. Use flexitanks, if you need to transfer food or technical not dangerous liquids and you'll estimate a perfection of this equipment.




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