Transportation of liquids without problems - flexitanks


Transportation of liquid loads in big amounts is often difficult: it's necessary to find a truck for transfer, then choose an appropriate capacity, in which will be safe, quickly and quite cheap to transport a load. As a rule, companies choose for it trucks with cisterns or order a special package, that cost comparatively expensive. But now because of new technologies containers and cisterns for transportation of liquids are in the past. Use of flexitanks is more easier, convenient and cheaper means for transportation of liquids (juices, water, wines, oils) and also for not dangerous chemical liquids (additives, oils, inks etc.).

What is flexitank?

Flexitank is a special multilayer bag, which is completely protected from leak. This equipment was worked out for transportation of liquid loads, that are not dangerous during transportation.

Why flexitanks are better?

Advantages are obvious:

  • high capaciousness: all loads can be delivered at one time;
  • easy to transfer: loads in flexitanks are transported by sea or by trucks best of all;
  • easy to utilize;
  • essential economy in package: you shouldn't buy additional cisterns for transportation or storage as load will be in safety;
  • advanced facilities on purchases: a big number of producers offer their goods only in liquid form.

Flexitanks are certificated production that provide all standards of quality. This type of package is an ideal decision if you need to transfer a liquid load by sea or by truck. A liquid that should be delivered is filled in flexitank with pumps. If necessary, heating pillow can be put under the flexitank, if products require special storage conditions or transportation. Transportation of loads in flexitanks is an up-to-date decision, that allows you not only to transfer different liquids but also economize on it!




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