Why sea transportation is so popular?


Rivers, seas, oceans are part of world transport corridor. From ancient times sea transportation was used by Greeks and Romans, Vikings and Egyptians. What helps to hold a popularity of such transportation in spite of appearance of newer and faster railway and motor roads? Why international transportation by sea is the most perspective line in logistics?

First of all, majority of countries are connected only by waterways, that makes sea transport network the biggest one of transcontinental. Thus, goods can be delivered not only from country to county, but also from one continent to another without any problems.

Secondly, this variant allows to carry out a transportation in large quantities. Some cargo ships can pick up a weight in tens of thousands of tons in contrast with motor/railway transport and all the more aviation. So that is why tare that is used in it should withstand the heavy loads. For example, one flexitank that is used for transportation of liquid and bulk matters in containers may contain up to 37,5 tons.

Thirdly, this cargo transportation is very economic. Given the quantity of transportable loads, fuel ad energy costs are quite low. This in its turn makes prime cost of transportation more available.

The fourth, this is a universal way of transportation that allows to deliver any goods in special sea containers. So flexitank is used here for reliability and convenience of transportation of liquid and bulk loads. For instance, such model as liner-bag fully duplicates a form of transport container that allows not to pay for additional freight as in the case of packaging in barrels and bottles that are not used an useful area of container rationally.

Fifthly, sea cargo carriages are very reliable. Shipping in the most remote corners of the world is made exactly by waterways. Using flexitank, frame of which is made from laminated polymers and sealed with seams, protection of goods from different factors of environment (high humidity, dust and other pollution) is provided. High reliability and protection not only from damages but force majeure is the main advantage of such transportation.

So in this way, all responsibility for transportation of load falls on transporter and a customer, which ordered a service, should only sign a contract and deliver or receive a load in time.




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