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Big bag is one of the types of flexitanks. Big bag is a soft package with two-layer covering of middle size, intended mainly for bulk cargo. Carrying capacity of this overall soft container can vary from 0,4 to 1,5 t. it;s equipped with lifting elements to bear such weight. Material for production of container Big Bag is polypropylene fabric that can be additionally covered with protective films. Additional coverings make Big Bag absolutely moisture- and air-proof, and also protect a load from pollution and keep it from drain and dispersal.

For now Big Bag is the most popular package for transportation and storage of bulk cargo. Containers became a recognized universal package because of high construction adaptability to loading equipment and points of receiving and delivery of goods.

Depending on multiplicity of use, there are three types of Big-Bag:

  • multiple use;
  • single-time use;
  • use in range of transportation operations.

Besides, modifications of Big Bag may differ depending on multi-layer of polypropylene fabric and thickness of load-carrying covering and also on their capacity (300-1500 Lt), tonnage (0,4-2 t), number of cords (1-4 items), other constructive elements such as upper and lower hatches and covers. It's the most suitable and economical type of container for loads of big tonnage. It's often used in transportation and storage of bulk cargo. They are popular among enterprises of chemical, agrarian, food and building fields of industry.

Advantages of Big-Bag

  • Small weight;
  • high carrying capacity (more than 2 t);
  • affordable price;
  • good for utilization, recycling and multiply usage;
  • save an integrity of load;
  • storage of loads in open areas is possible (it withstands temperatures from -40 °C to +60 °C);
  • transportation by all means of transport.

Basic design

  • Standard sizes of bottom A x B based on sizes of European means of transport are 910 x 910 mm, 950 x 950 mm, 1000 x 1000 mm, 1100 x 1100 mm; combination of mentioned sizes is possible.
  • Standard length of cord H=30 cm is identical to the parameters of loading and unloading equipments.
  • To provide for a steadiness of height of filled container L, it's recommended not more than 1,5 x B, but it can be random.

Technical characteristics

Sizes (mm) 650x650 750x750 900x900 950x950
Diameter (mm) 830 960 1150 1210
Height of filling (mm) 750, 900,1120 560-1260 500-1560 850-1950
Lifting height (mm) 450 500 500 450
Volume of load (liters) 400-600 400-900 500-1600 800-2200

Covering is two-layered.

Safety factor 5:1.

Temperature rate: from -40°С to +60°С.

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