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1000-liter universal middle-duty soft container (K-flex)

K-flexitank is used for foodstuffs and other liquid loads, their truck haulage in trailers and transportation of in containers by sea. 

Construction of K-flex for 1000 Lt represents a fixed on EUR pallet Big-Bag from thermoplastic propylene's polymer with volume of 1 cubic meter with multilayer inlay from polyethylene inside. It's also a perfect substitution of containers from plastic, barrels and other kinds of canisters. It can be done in different complete sets and sizes, all depend on logistics aim:

  • For single-time use there are delivered the models with simplified variants of casing and inlay. They are placed in trailers exceptionally in one stage.
  • For transportation in two stages in containers there are delivered models, which are adapted to increased loads (on the vertical axis).
  • For transportation of foodstuffs with attached polyethylene welt.

There are models that can heat liquid loads in steady-state conditions. When they are powered by network of 220 V or which can maintain a definite temperature in the process of transportation when connecting to network of car of 12-24 V. this function is necessary for transportation and storage of products which become jelly-like or turn into solid matter of state when they get to low-temperature region. As a result, there is practically no costs for preparatory work that preceded previous usage and there is completely no costs for cleaning.

Advantages of K-flex

  • No need in special transport;
  • simplicity of loading;
  • speed of loading (it's essentially higher than with use of other containers);
  • not required means of temporary storage;
  • simplicity of transportation in remote regions;
  • no risk of ecological pollution;
  • K-flex is processed again and completely utilized without damaging to nature.

Technical characteristics

  • Capacity: from 1000 liters;
  • Sizes: 1050 х 1050 х 970 mm;
  • Valves are polypropylene 2 and 3 inch for foodstuffs (top + bottom);
  • Upper filling and upper drain.
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