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Bag-in-box package

Bag-in-box is a small capacity, which represents a package from two or more layers of film. Because of built-in adapter ring and taking into account physical condition or type of product, there can be put in different cranes to it facilities for corking or spillage. Mostly bag-in-box has an outer shell to protect multilayer film from damage. A tough shell can be in the form of barrel, cardboard or plastic box.

This package can easily replace such usual containers as bottles, metal cans or barrels and also capacities from thermoplastic. Its main advantage is that because of lightness it doesn't require a complex equipment and much time for packaging. Besides, convenient package bag-in-box is light enough and has an affordable price.

This package found its application in food and chemical industry. It can be used in all productions, where transportation or storage of liquid products such as chemicals or cleaners, paints or glue is necessary.

What about food industry, package can be used both for aseptic and non-aseptic filling. Bag-in-box with volume from 200 to 1200 Lt can be used as industrial package for fruit puree, tomato paste, butter fat and others. Package with volume up to 25 Lt is often used by bars and restaurants for transportation and filling of juices, wine, sauces and diary products. Bag-in-box of small capacity, volume of which is from 2 to 5 Lt will be good for retail packaging of sunflower oil, wine, fruit and vegetable juices and other liquids.

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