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Fexible canisters

Flexible canisters are from polyethylene of high density. Thickness of material in the area of opening and fastening of handles is higher than in main frame of container. They can fold up. Full-size canister can be folded compactly and placed into small box from cardboard for transportation.

Medium-duty elastic tank found its application during transportation of liquid products such as both food and chemical industry. Oil, soft oil, concentrates of natural juices or wine can be transported in it.

Flexible waterproof canisters nave a lot of advantages:

  • compactness - they take a little place in folded state, that is very convenient for transportation;
  • good price-quality ratio - one can buy a high-quality product at low price;
  • high-quality material - it's characterized by structural strength, small weight and smooth walls;
  • high thermal conduction - it has quite thin walls, because of what it doesn't keep a temperature;
  • reliability - according to inspection certificate of SGS, canisters can bear a fall from great height;
  • easy to use - it's quickly and easy to unfold it, it's enough some seconds to prepare it for work.
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