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Paper IBC-tanks

Paper or cardboard container with middle tonnage, that is often called “paper IBS” is a good package for liquid not dangerous loads.

Tekuteyner divines into several parts. From outside it's covered with shell from corrugated cardboard, that covers a container in several layers: in rectangular box, where are placed angle distance pieces, are two prisms packed on each other of octagonal form with two covers. Under the outer shell there is two-layer polyethylene film. Besides, filling and drain valves are fused into soft part of paper IBC construction. Armature can have a diameter in 5 cm. There is an opportunity to mark it with different warning inscriptions and other information.

Advantages of paper IBC-tanks

  • Ecological compatibility, safety and reliability of construction;
  • possibility to look after filling capacity;
  • affordable price (compared to typical plastic container);
  • compactness, economy of storage area because of stockpiling;
  • it must be recycled after usage.

Paper IBC-tanks can be placed not more than in one stage during transportation with motor transport, and with railway transport – in two stages. Containers are stockpiled in the storehouses not more than in height of three stages.

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