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Flexitanks for refregerator truck (R-flex)

R-flex was made special for transportation of big volumes of not dangerous liquids in heat-insulated cars, vans, trailers and containers. R-flex is a model of the latest generation of flexitanks. It doesn't need an additional installation of partitions or other preparatory operations before filling of load. It economizes both labor and materials costs for gaining and assembling of walls or constructions from wood, plastic, steel and others.

R-flex construction for refrigerator truck is patented. It consists of some capacities of drop-shaped form that are connected to each other. Ensuring the integrity of package and high protection of liquid load, construction is covered by one intensive casing, which is patented too.

It's enough two men to install a R-flex. All assembling process takes about 3 minutes. Flexitank is extracted from package and after that it's spread out in refrigerator, bottom is fixed with special strings, after what it can be used as intended.

R-flex is the one model that doesn't lean on walls of trailer or refrigerator. It's guaranteed that it doesn't crush or spoil the walls.

Technical characteristics

  • Capacity: from 16.000 to 24.000 liters
  • Sizes: 3050 x 13200 mm;
  • Valve: PP 2" or 3" UM;
  • Filling and drain through the priming valve.
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