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Flexitank for auto-trailer (T-flex)

T-flexitank represents a soft container for single-time use. It's used for transportation of not dangerous liquid products in auto-trailers. T-flex is the one flexitank specially developed for transportation of liquid loads in usual car trailers. It's mostly demanded in cases, when load in standard container isn't intended during reloading. It's also an ideal substitution of special transport that is needed for transportation of liquid loads in customary regime (motor or railway cisterns) and a rigid structure of T-flexitank guarantees a steadiness of load during transportation.

The use of T-flex is more effective than use of other container's types. In considering a T-flex's payload is much higher:

  • than standard medium-duty containers for liquid loads by 15%;
  • than metal barrels by 44%;
  • than bottle package by 50%.

The main advantages of T-flex are the lack of necessity in special transport and high loading speed. On application of T-flex the means of temporary storage aren't demanded, it's processed one more time and the it's completely utilized without damaging nature. Also such type of flexitank would help to achieve:

  • a simplicity of loading;
  • easy transportation in remote regions;
  • no risk of ecological pollutions.

Only this type of flexitank will be perfect for semitrailer. T-flex won't push apart the walls of trailer as it doesn't contact with it.

A couple of men can install it in less than 10 minutes. To prepare a container for use, it's necessary to lay a cardboard base. Then to extract it from package and open it inside of trailer and fasten it with strings.

T-flex should be filled step-by-step to made a load spread in bins equally. Thus, filling the capacity can take from 1 to 4 hours.

During transportation of loads in flexitanks it's not allowed to exceed an established speed and too overload a T-flex in order to avoid emergency conditions. During loading and transportation of T-flexitanks there should be a permanent control of their weight and one need to take into account a peculiarity of transportation of liquid products in soft package. Completely filled T-flex should reach no more than 0,6 m.

Technical characteristics

  • Volume is from 16000 liters to 24000 liters;
  • Sizes 3050 х 13200 mm;
  • Valves are polypropylene 2 and 3 inch for foodstuffs.
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