We present you Flexitank as an opportunity and means for carriage of your liquid, not dangerous load from anywhere and around the world.

What is it

Flexitank is a special equipment for carriage of liquid, not dangerous goods, using a simple, standard 20-foot sea or railway container.

Flexitank represents a special soft ans waterproof tank with capacity from 14 to 24 liters. Flexitank is produced from plastic and when it's folded it takes only 0,25 cubic meters.

How it works

Flexitank should be installed in 20-foot container, given by our company or by you. Its fixing should take place at the container terminal or in the place of loading during 20-30 minutes, after which container is ready for taking your load. After fixing all you have to do then is just attach to the flexitank your connection for filling and with the help of pump to lift up the load. Loading takes from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on type of load, type of flexitank and power of pump. After loading container with flexitank and your load is ready for travel. Container can be transported by all means – motor, railway or sea transport. Container with your load will can be delivered anywhere. Achieving the terminal point you or your partner can unload your load quickly and without any losses, all you need for that is pump. After unloading flexitank must be utilized as it's intended for single-time use.

What can be transported

Almost any not dangerous liquids, both technical and food use can be transported in flexitank. We list some products, that can be transported in flexitank. Foodstuffs: food, vegetable or animal oil and fats (solid and liquid), concentrates of juice, juices, syrups, water, wine, treacle, food additives, pharmaceutical oils, malt, sorbitol. Nonfood products: technical and lubricating oils, technical additives, synthetic resins, detergents, emulsions, glycerin, some kinds of paints, ink, fertilizer, latex, transformer oils, alkaloids.

Some liquids have property to thicken during storage or with decreasing temperature, that doesn't allow to make an effective unloading. And so we use heating element along with flexitank, that should be fixed with flexitank and works directly before unloading. Steam or hot water is fed to the heating element, that allows to raise the temperature of load.

The advantages

Flexitank is an alternative to such common transfer as tank containers, tank-wagon or tank truck, barrels and other capacities. What are the main advantages of flexitank?

  • There is a significant cost reduction for transportation. Compared to tank container, you pay only for freight of simple 20-foot container in one direction and don't pay for return of container. Economy may be more than 500 EUR for one transfer.
  • Flexitank is an inexpensive container for your load. Compared to the price of barrels or other capacities you economize at least 30-40%.
  • You save up to 90% of your time spent on loading and unloading of your load.
  • Flexitank doesn't need to be washed, it's for single-time use.
  • You will reduce the losses of load during the unloading by 10 times. For comparison, there is 0,1% of losses during unloading from flexitank, and there is 1% using barrels or cisterns.
  • Increase of volume of goods during transit compared to common containers such as barrels and canisters is up to 30%.
  • Load is delivered “door-to-door” without intermediate reloading.

The guarantees

Flexitanks are used for a long time all over the world. Their constructive peculiarities and aptitude to transit are checked by competent organizations. Flexitanks pass the severe control of quality during production. Every flexitank takes a “breaking test” with 8 times reloading. Also it has its ID number, that guarantees a responsibility of producer.

We are certificated

What do you have to do

If you need a transit of liquid load, you have to appeal to us. After specification of details of your inquiry, we offer you optimum size of flexitank for your load and route for transit. We can offer you a full range of services (click here to see a full list of our services) from offer to realization of complete cycle “door-to-door”. It all depends on your needs and desire.

We look forward to working with you and we are sure that our service will fit your needs.

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