Usage of flexitank or how to increase advantages of sea transportation


Rapid growth of industrial production, development of science and appearance of technical innovations amend all the fields, and logistics is not an exception. Modern methods of loading and unloading with the help of new specialized technique are introduced and day by day a tare for transportation of loads is improved, it becomes more reliable and safe. Flexitank is a prominent representative of the latest generation of capacities for transportation.


Why sea transportation is so popular?


Rivers, seas, oceans are part of world transport corridor. From ancient times sea transportation was used by Greeks and Romans, Vikings and Egyptians. What helps to hold a popularity of such transportation in spite of appearance of newer and faster railway and motor roads? Why international transportation by sea is the most perspective line in logistics?


Transportation of liquids without problems - flexitanks


Transportation of liquid loads in big amounts is often difficult: it's necessary to find a truck for transfer, then choose an appropriate capacity, in which will be safe, quickly and quite cheap to transport a load. As a rule, companies choose for it trucks with cisterns or order a special package, that cost comparatively expensive. But now because of new technologies containers and cisterns for transportation of liquids are in the past. Use of flexitanks is more easier, convenient and cheaper means for transportation of liquids (juices, water, wines, oils) and also for not dangerous chemical liquids (additives, oils, inks etc.).


Flexitanks is a covenient transportation of liquid loads


Do you need to transport a liquid production and look for a suitable container for it? Do you buy juices, wine, vegetable or machine oil, additives or other liquids, that aren't dangerous and you need to deliver it to your storehouse as quickly, convenient and cheap as possible? Then transportation of loads in flexitanks will be perfect for you! Now transportation of liquids and oils became more available because of new technologies, that were certificated in EU countries.


Flexitank is a perfect decision for transportation of loads by sea


Load delivery system provides for functioning of all world economy. But it's not always advisable to transfer a load with motor- or railway transport, sometimes it's cheaper to use a sea transport or when there is no other way to deliver a load to necessary point of destination.

Planning sea transportation, it's important to think over what package (capacity) will be necessary. If load is packaged by manufacturer in boxes, then it can be transported by usual sea container. But what about transportation of bulk matters, especially if it's foodstuffs? There usual container can't be used and it's necessary a special container that will provide all necessary requirements.



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