Flexitank is a flexible container with the volume from 14 to 24 000 Lt, that is used for transportation and storage of liquid, food, bulk and liquid industrial types of loads which are not dangerous. Material of flexitank doesn't contact with the load even during long transportation and at high temperatures. It can be used only once – it should be utilized after unloading.

Structural features

Structure of covering includes several layers. Outer covering consists of laminated polypropylene fabric and inner one includes 1-3 layers of polyethylene film and metalized barrier layer. Also construction includes draining/pouring armature and air pipe that are placed inside pressure shell.

Oparation principles

Flexitank is fixed in a standard 20-foot container. On average this process takes about 15 minutes. When the installation is complete, supply hose should be attached and electric pump is launched for supply of liquid. About half and hour later, when loading is finished, container will be ready for transportation. Flexitanks have all necessary equipment that is necessary for transportation of different load types. A wide range of adapters and nozzles let load and unload almost every equipment. If the load needs a heating before unloading, it's easy to make it with the help of steam and electricity. Besides, before unloading one can make a special protective layer that will protect a load from an extreme temperature changes during transportation.

Types of flexitanks

Specification of flexitank depends on characteristics of transportable load. You can always contact us to elaborate necessary type of flexitank.

Primary advantages

Flexitanks are perfect alternative to usual cisterns, barrels and tank-containers. Their advantages are following:

  • Easy inlay-chamber and small sizes;
  • high rate of loading;
  • no need in washing;
  • environmentally friendly package;
  • low costs of installation;
  • product is sealed, so package is always clear and pollution is excluded;
  • branch line for giving cisterns isn't required in the place of loading;
  • loading speed is higher compared to IBC and barrels.

Global practice confirms high effectiveness of flexitanks' use. All production passes a strict control of quality that is a guarantee of strength even during 8 times reloading. Sizes of flexitanks vary and that allows to choose the most suitable way of transportation for different loads and distances.

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